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Lombardy is one of the richiest and most developed regions of Italy, partly due to the  history and geographic, as it has always been a region exposed to nearby conquerors. And there is nothing to be amazed of, because it even got its name from the Nordic Lombard tribe, who was pushing the Romans out of here. Today, the region is known for its famous lakes (Lago Maggiore, Como, Isea and, of course, Garda), but also several important cities, among which undoubtedly Milan is, the city of history, monuments, fashion and shopping. That is why the region is the right  place not only for lovers of sightseeing and city fun, but also for sports enthusiasts who are on holiday here every year. Who was in Milan and did not taste the local risotto as was not here. Local short-grain rice is grown on rice fields in the Ticino Valley and is truly delicious in the Milanese style (risotto alla Milanese) with saffron. Another ground of local cuisine is polenta (corn paste, very popular throughout northern Italy) and, of course, pasta in all possible ways. Speciality in the true sense of the word is mostarda di frutta (pickled fruit with mustard served to cooked meat). From the meat, the famous is ossobucco – the veal. The area also produces cheese similar to  Parmesan, which tastes great not only with pasta.

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