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Although one of the smallest regions of Italy, it also excites everyone of its individuality. It is not far from the French Riviera, and this is why that so many tourists visit Liguria just by crossing from one of the famous French towns. Liguria, however, provides many atractions – a mix of Italian and French cultures, a variety of coastlines from the mountains to the romantic beaches to the breathtaking Cinque Terre  with an excellent wine of the same name or the bustling and vibrant modern harbor of Genoa with its rich history. But also San Remo, town that has one of the most famous casinos in Europe and whose greatest glory was experienced at the end of the 19th century – Tchaikovsky has composed two of his operas here,  today the majestic influence  is projected in luxury hotels at the main promenade – and the musical tradition continues  with the famous San Remo Festival, from which many famous Italian hits borned and many singers came. The most famous dish of Liguria is the so-called pesto – a mixture of basil, garlic, grated pine nuts and grated cheese that tastes great with many kinds of pasta.

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