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Lazio, a region almost in the middle of Italy with the capital Rome, is the most visited place in the whole country. Already in past was Rome the seddle of the whole empire and then of the whole christian world. You can find here history at every step – tourists from all over the world admire the sights from the ancient times to the most recent and there are so many that seeing everything is quite impossibile in one or two visits. However, the surrounding area also provides a number of attractive places, including Tivoli or Castelli Romani. The North of the region will surprise you with  number of Etruscan sights and coasts with pleasant beaches, which are literally occupied by tourists in the summer,  who enjoy visiting sights with a summer holiday by the sea. Specialities from cuisine also include pasta in a variety of ways (with oil and garlic – aglio olio, eggs and bacon – alla carbonara, pecorino and pepper – cacio e pepe and many others). A distinctive feature in local cuisine is guts (veal calves – pajata, prawns – trippa) or fish (salt cod – baccala – fried in hot oil). Do not miss the vegetables – carciofi, served stewed and stuffed with garlic and mint or fried in oil. The area is very well known also for its excellent white wine from the Frascati area.
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